Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program

Airnautix is dedicated to supporting individuals who are actively involved in building or restoring their own aircraft. The Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program offers exclusive benefits and discounts to qualified participants.


Individuals Only - The Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program is exclusively available to individuals who are actively engaged in building or restoring their own aircraft. This includes hobbyists, enthusiasts, and those involved in father-son/daughter or family projects.


The program is designed to support non-commercial projects only. It is not applicable to companies or individuals having a plane built by a third party or for commercial purposes.


Discounted N-Numbers - Participants in the Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program may be offered an exclusive discount on some registration numbers- discount varies by number and type.


To demonstrate eligibility for the program, participants must provide the following documentation:

Make, Model, and Year:

Participants should provide the make, model, and year of the aircraft they are building or restoring. Participants need to submit clear photos showcasing the progress of their aircraft project. These photos should clearly display the current state of the build or restoration process.

Airnautix Identification

To verify authenticity, participants should include an object (e.g., paper, sticker, or written on any other surface) with the word "Airnautix" visibly written on it in at least one of the photos of their aircraft project.

By submitting the required documentation, participants demonstrate their commitment to building or restoring an aircraft, and it helps ensure the program is accessible to those who meet the qualification criteria.

Please note that the provided documentation will be used solely for verification purposes and will be handled with strict confidentiality.


Q: How can I apply for the Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program?
A: To apply for the program, please use the contact form below. Please include your name, airplane make, model, and year in the message. Once we receive your information we will send a formal application.

Q: What will I need to provide to prove I/we are qualified?
A: Please see the above Qualification Documentation information above.

Q: How long does it take to process the application?
A: We strive to review and process applications within 2-3 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email with further instructions.

Q: Can I participate in the program if I am restoring a vintage or antique aircraft?
A: Absolutely! The Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program is open to all individuals involved in aircraft restoration or building, regardless of the aircraft's age or type.

Q: Can the discount be combined with other promotions or offers?
A: No, the discounts offered through the Builder & Restorer Program cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotions or offers.

Q: Can I transfer the discount to someone else or use it for a different project?
A: The discount is non-transferable and can only be used for the specific aircraft building or restoration project mentioned in your application. 

Q: Can I participate in this program when the N-Number is a gift for my Husband/Wife/Child?
A: Yes, The gifting of an N-Number to a person building/restoring their own aircraft is eligible for the Airnautix Builder & Restorer Program. The same eligibility requirements apply.

Airnautix is excited to support your aircraft building and/or restoration endeavors. For any additional questions or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Note: Airnautix reserves the right to modify or terminate the Builder & Restorer Program at any time, and eligibility criteria are subject to change without prior notice.

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